Lé Vintage

Last Thursday I was treated to a photo shoot (for an online portfolio for work) and one of our locations was a stunning cafe here on the Gold Coast called Lé Vintage. These shots here are from my iphone and given a vsco filter so they look nothing like the finished product but stay tuned because over the next month I will be using each of the locations as an outfit post plus there will be a write up on this gorgeous café when we get to it. Any excuse to return and drink their amazing coffee will do.

It's vintage darling,

Hello Monday: A Snapshot of My Day.

Monday's are usually a slow start for me. This morning I slowly replied to some emails and drank coffee while snuggled up in bed (freelancers life-gotta love the 'home office'). I then ventured into town for lunch at my favourite cafe and catch ups with a good friend. We walked along the Kirra headland and I must say, the Gold Coast was looking fine today!

It's funny how some of the smallest this remind us of our childhood. When she was alive my mum's mum used to collect teaspoons like the ones pictured above. They would hang in a display cabinet on the wall of her dining room and I remember being very young and asking her where they all come from and who bought them for her. She had spoons from all over. Now my mum has these spoons, tucked safely away with all the other memories and objects that are here while my grandma is not. We had no idea what we were going to do with them, but we couldn't let them go. It wasn't until I saw them being used in this cafe that I worked out a use: I will use them to serve dessert and tea/coffee at my wedding reception. A little piece of my past scattered amongst the beginning of my future. The love of the ones who are with us no longer is the greatest legacy they leave.

Happy Monday,

Typefaces and Injustice.

“How can I become focused on making things look good when there are people out there who are in need of everything I take for granted?”

This is what I said in a dream I had last night. For those of you who know me, or have followed this blog for a while, you will know that at the beginning of this year I became a qualified graphic designer. I adore design, everything about it, and as a designer, I will always pick something if it looks good. For example, whichever label of juice appeals to me more because of the design, I will purchase. The coffee place with the most stunning/interesting design will be the one I go to. Even the church events with strong print designs are the ones I initially get more excited for. Good design appeals me and it greatly affects my decisions. In terms of the events, the designs are visually organised and lovely and makes everything feel so much more planned and purposeful. These things are not bad, I’m not saying this because it is a negative trait of mine, it is simply a trait I have, but in light of the dream I had last night, it is an important point to highlight.

I have a passion for design, but I have a heart for justice, and more often then not, justice isn’t structured and organised. It doesn’t look good, and it certainly isn’t the appealing choice–to stand up for injustices that have almost become the norm in today’s society. To stand up for people and places and things that on the surface, don’t look well designed at all. The broken people, the desolate places, the exploited things, that if we are honest with ourselves, are sometimes the things we ignore because it’s easier to focus on those stuff that look appealing to us. Even with my heart for justice, I know that this can be me and the designer in me makes it so much easier for this to be so.

And therein lies the challenge of the words my dream self spoke. How can I simply focus on making things look good (both professionally and personally) when there are people in my world who need everything I take for granted. I can love both the aesthetically pleasing and the injustices of the world–it is not a bad thing to want things to look good, but for me the challenge is to not loose myself in everything needing to look good for me in be interested in it’s content. Go to the less interesting coffee shop, pick the juice label that uses comic sans because a typeface wont change the contents of the bottle. Orange juice is going to taste like oranges regardless of it’s packaging. In the same way justice is to be sought, regardless of how appealing, or easy, it is to seek.

“if you do away with the yoke of oppression, with the pointing finger and malicious talk, and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.” Isaiah 58: 9-10
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