A Few Bits and Pieces: Shopping Post

Having to go into town today to pay some bills (sad face) I picked up a few little things while I was there. Not a lot, but enough to do a cute little blog post on. Cant wait to blog about making those Macarons, fingers crossed it is a success, with many pretty pretty pictures. Hope you're all having a splendid friday. Bought anything cute/fun/exciting lately? x

Salted Caramel Macarons: I am so excited to make these. Half of my friends say they are fairly easy and half the internet tells me they're challenging. I read a review of these over at Belly Rumbles and they seemed more on the easier side as this box literally comes with everything. Sara did mention though that she made 40 shells but only enough filling for 15 so I may also make some extra filling from this lovely recipe here.

Clean Pressed Powder - Covergirl: If you should know one thing about me, it's that I am terrible at matching foundation to my skin tone. Seeing as I am a broke student, I always just buy the fairly cheapest one and hope for the best. I have used covergirl powder before and I don't mind it but never this range, my last casing was blue, so hopefully the shade is similar to my last cover girl product. If it is, we should be very happy together.

St Ives Naturally Clear - Green Tea Scrub: This stuff is heavenly. It smells incredible and it amazing on my skin. Can't really say much about it except that it is amazing and always is my go to product for scrubs.

Malteaster Bunny: Best easter chocolate ever. Two of my favourite bloggers/vloggers rave about these (Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter) and malteasers are my favourite chocolate but I thought they were only a British thing. I had never seen them in store before, so I was majorly happy when I saw them at the checkout today. Officially my favourite easter product annnd I saw someone instagram mini ones, as in they also come by the bag-ful, so I am on the hunt for those ("shh, be verry verry quiet, we hunting rabbits").

Leave a comment below telling me some of your new purchases, or favourite things right now,
Happy Friday,

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