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For those wanting to see the end result of my converse shoe. We had to illustrate a shoe than design an advertisement with it for Monster Children magazine. The slogan is a little bit cheeky, and also not my own, but it was perfect for the magazine.
Stay Classy Cheeky,

Obligatory birthday post.

Just a few snapshots from my birthday. Today was perfect. If you ever want to have a birthday full of laughter, coincide it with an end of term youth party and you'll never stop smiling. Thank you to everyone who made today amazing.
Stay classy,

Eliza Jane, Jordan Millar + New Empire @ The Loft.

So, once again, I am blogging about a night at the Loft. At the risk of sounding like a PR person, if you haven't been there before, you seriously need to check it out. Something else you need to check out are the likes of Eliza Jane, Jordan Millar and New Empire, all of which I had the privilege of seeing tonight, in what would have to be one of my most favourite music experiences ever.

I am a sucker for a good acoustic guitar, which could have sold me on the night alone, seeing as it was an acoustic set, but Eliza Jane was something else. Firstly, she has the best middle name ever and secondly her voice was astounding. With such an honest and enchanting sound, she definitely was a great start to the night, bringing both covers and original stuff into the mix.

Jordan Millar, acoustic extraordinaire number two for the evening, absolutely blew me away. There has to be something special about a man who can sing songs about sadness and make you feel so happy and hopeful. His lyrics were stunning and one song in particular stood out. He told the story of a friend leaving, in one way or another and how he used memories and pieces of their lives to recreate them. I hate goodbyes and this song reminded me of goodbye, and also of hello, but I didn't hate it. Rather it reminded me of the beauty of new beginnings and how somehow, there is something freeing about letting go of someone you have kept for so long.

Speaking of keeping people for a long time, New Empire have been a band I have long kept in my memories. I first saw them when I was 19, at a youth conference in Brisbane in 2009. They definitely looked a lot different back then but I do remember thinking they were going to be big one day and how cool it would be to be able to say that 'I saw them way back when'. Having seen them twice since then, on a way bigger scale, tonight became such a special experience. To hear them play in such a cosy space was wonderful and the sound these guys can create floors me, every single time. My favourite thing about these people is that with every song you can hear their heart and speaking to Jeremy after, they are so humble and so thankful for where their life is leading them. Not only was tonight musically beautiful but it was also beautiful to see how music can change life and how beautiful words can bring so much hope and encouragement to people.

one heart with a million voices
one day it could all be gone
hold on to the words they told us
hold on to it all my son
one heart with a million voices
one chance to remember your name
hold to the words they told us
hold on to it all

So I will leave you with some photos and some links. Check these guys out, go along to a show or simply listen to some honest words and know that you are not alone.

stay classy, stay hopeful,

Made for more.

Just a little something I whipped up. I have been needing a new desktop wallpaper for a while so I decided I should create my own for a change. So here we have a photo taken at an easter sunrise service at Point Danger on the Gold Coast, Australia, coupled with a quote from Catherine Booth. It's nice to have a burst of inspiration and sunny days during this cold winter.

stay classy,
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