Wishlist: February 2012

I have wanted the things on the list for a while now, but I am only just in the position now to actually think about buying them. I need all new makeup, so I have decided that I will just go to a MAC store and get some good stuff and then maybe other things by Revlon, because I like them as well. OPI is another thing I don't need, but want. I have been buying cheap nail polishes and the do the job but they don't seem to look as nice or last as long as the good stuff. And lastly we have a iPhone 4s. I am SO excited to finally get one of these babys! I'm waiting until my current credit expires, so come February 22nd, if I can still afford it, I will be the proud owner of a beautiful new phone. See below for the rest of my wishlist.
+ A Switchfoot ticket. And someone to come and see the gig with me.
+ For my WARdrobe shirt to arrive.
+ More TWLOHA merch.
+ For school to start. Holidays have been going for way too long.
+ Converse: navy high tops & white low tops.
+ Canon 550D + Twin Lens Kit.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, what is the first shade of OPI? Very pretty.


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