And That's A Wrap: 2012

Twenty Twelve is closing just as it began, quietly and beautifully, in awe of the simpler things in life. This post is 2012 in images, an idea gathered from the lovely Katie over at What Katie Does. Her blog is one of my many favourites and has been such an inspiration to me, as both a designer and  a blogger. Twenty twelve has honestly been the best year of my life. I finally found my niche, my passion and fingers crossed, my future career. I have 19 days left until my last assignment, and then one month until it's graduation. After that I am officially a qualified graphic designer. Something tells me 2013 is going to be nothing like I am expecting or can imagine. And I am so so excited. But before midnight rolls around, I leave you with my 2012 through a lens. I hope your year was as beautiful as mine, and if not, I hope 2013 is your year, and so much more. x

iPhoneography: Christmas Love.

This is how I wrapped my gifts this year - tags by Lindsay Buck.

Cousins 21st lunch - Vinyl collection @ Babalou Kingscliff

Christmas Eve traditions - Dickens and hot chocolate

Beautiful gift from my Aunt. This scent is divine.

Table setting - Christmas Day lunch.

My face. Christmas outfit/bathroom selfie.

Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas day.
Love and light,

Haul Post: Christmas 2012.

So every year I receive way more than I ever ask for. I am always so incredibly blessed and am given so many nice things. I may also do a youtube video for this haul, so stay tuned for that. Also these photos were edited using stunning photoshop actions from

Typo Clock & Owl: I adore these. The owl goes perfect with the rest of my room (white and birds) and the clock looks very beautiful next to my vintage editions of Wuthering Heights and To Kill A Mockingbird (the spines are red).
THG Series: I already own these but the new are covers are to die for. I am in love with the silver foil, minimal design and colour consistency. Props to my brothers GF who mentioned these to him are seeing me freak out over them on instagram.
Stella by Stella McCartney: I have never owned anything by Stella McCartney but the package and bottle won me over straight away. The scent is a little more mature then I usually wear but is very deep, floral and a little understatedly sexy.
Heat by Beyonce: I love this perfume. Very inexpensive, cute, sweet and girly. Both my mum and I love it, in fact she bought me this for christmas while my brother bought her exactly the same thing.
iPhone Case: This iphone case is actually a photo a friend took of a stained glassed window in Italy and looks stunning on absolutely anything.
Max Brenner's Hug Mug: These mugs are the cutest thing to drink hot chocolate out of. Holding it so close keeps you so warm and snuggly.

I hope you all had an amazing christmas also.
What did you all get from Santa this year?
Happy Holidays,

Saturday Shopping and Presents!

Just a collection of images from today: a shopping trip which included jewellery from Diva (I am in love with the initial bracelet - it's so simple and pretty), a sheer turquoise singlet and black cut out dress (not pictured) from Cotton On. I also wrapped my christmas presents and used stunning labels from the incredibly talented Lindsey Buck and finally I snapped a picture of christmas card given to me by a friend. Lani is also incredibly talented and you should check out her big cartel store. Her illustrations are to die for and get clicking and go and buy up big!

Three sleeps til Santa,

The Lantern Parade

This past weekend saw me venturing down to the harbour at Jack Evans and taking three hundred odd happy snaps of the Lantern Parade as apart of the Tweed River Festival. Photography is definitely not my thing, but regardless, I had stacks of fun.

Stay bright,

Dear New York.

One more year, then we can be together.
Oh New York City, I haven't even met you but I still miss you.
You captured my heart and I can't wait to see you.

I don't have any reasons
I've left them all behind
I'm in a New York state of mind.


Canines' Next Top Model: Boris.

This is my family's puppy. Meet Boris, the schmoodle, with one R. These were for a college assignment and we had to photograph photos with back light, hard light, rim light, side light and soft light. Isn't he a cutie.

stay creative,

Hand Letter Your Way To My Heart.


Sometime within the last few weeks I have discovered that I am not too shabby at this hand lettering business. I have also discovered how easy it is to make things like this look really pretty in photoshop. These are 6 of my most recent projects. Cant go past Savage Garden, David Crowder, One Direction and general happy celebrations. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Work hard, stay humble,

DIVEST: Gallery on the Lane.

Today I had the opportunity to attend the DIVEST exhibition showing at Gallery On The Lane, located in Southport on the Golden Coast of Australia. It is a "collaboration between two of Australia's most promising young photographers on an ocular stroll through social surroundings and isolated rural wonderlands". These two photographers are Max Duff and Mitch Carlin or 'Finland' as he is referred to within the exhibition.

Mitch's work captures something that intrigues me like no other: social commentary. His images, all presented in stunning black and white and mounted on old medical/informational journals were accompanied with the caption "we are all watching and idly yawning". This may or may not be a direct reference to the Mason Cooley quote "the gods are watching, but idly, yawning". I'm not sure, but in my mind, I'd like to think so. We so often watch situations pass us buy and we do nothing, even if it is within our power to do so. These photographs invoked emotion, as black and white often does, and I repeatedly found myself becoming invested in the stories of those he found through his lens. I did not know these people, but after a while I felt I did and wondered where they were headed on the day those photos were taken. I will never know, but I hope it was somewhere beautiful.

Max Duff, the second part of this stunning exhibition both displayed both rural photography and illustrated typography. Typography is one of my favourite things in this world, so I was finding myself wishing I could purchase every single one of his pieces. From favourite songs to beautiful phrases this collection of illustrated type was something I would definitely love to aspire to. Duff's photography also gave way to an interesting thought process. Each of his images contained a vast rural setting and the same female model dressed only in denim jeans or shorts. It wasn't until I realised the meaning of the exhibitions title that I started to think. The word divest means to 'deprive someone of power, rights or possessions'. It can also be used to describe something that is deprived of a particular quality. To me, this series of photos brought about the comparison of the city to the country and maybe the freedom I feel within a city, to be whoever I want to be, isn't very free after all. Maybe the freedom we all seek involves the physical space to be so? I equate country living with needing or having less than those within the urban jungle, but maybe it is the opposite. Maybe they have everything, and more.

This exhibition was a lovely way to spend my tuesday morning. From invoking photography to bold typography, it was an exhibition that challenged and inspired. The gallery is a beautiful little niche within the Southport CBD and I encourage anyone who is within the area to check it out. Also, a huge thanks to Nicola Parsons at Gallery on the Lane and Troy Sizer, from CATC Design School for pulling this little adventure together.

We are all watching, and idly yawning,
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