In My Wildest Dreams.

Graphic Design and Art Direction? Check.
The Salvation Army? Check.
Manhattan, New York City? Check.
I was in tears before. This here is everything I have ever wanted in terms of a career. It is perfect, so so perfect. The kicker is that I am one year away from being qualified. 12 months and this job could have been mine.
But it's not.
This is not the right time.
I know that, but the impatient part of me want this, and she wants it now.
I know that in a years time I will be qualified. In a years time I will have saved something in the way of money, instead of the measly $500 I currently have. I knows that in a years time I will have grown spiritually and I know that one year will give me the time I need to get all the documents and paperwork sorted.
I know but this hurts so bad.
It's like I can everything I have ever wanted but I cannot seem to reach it.
But I also know that God has got this covered, and that if it is his will, a similar position will be available in the future, and that position will be mine.
So I will wait, even though I don't want to and I will use this as motivation to be amazing at school next year. I have been shown that all my wildest dreams can come true. This position in that city shows me that.
I know that my wildest dreams can become my biggest reality.
And there is nothing more encouraging, nothing more beautiful and nothing more inspiring than that.

Tigertown + Holland + Set Sail @ The Loft.

Last night, myself and the two beautiful girls also in that photo, went to see one of my favourite bands at this adorable little jazz bar called The Loft on Chevron Island. TiGERTOWN are a family band from Melbourne and their sound is gorgeous. They make clear, honest and relatable music. They were on first and they are even more incredible in real life then they are coming from my iTunes. They were stunning, without fault and such a joy to watch.
Having seen the band we came for, the rest of the night was a pleasant surprise. Holland completely captured me. Jarryd started singing and the entire room was silent. It was such an intimate sound. I use that word to it's full extent. It was like he was singing just to you in an empty room and he just seemed like such a genuine and grateful person. He, and the whole band, seem like people I would love to spend a whole day with just talking over coffee and mellow guitar rifts. Holland, I will forever sing your praises. Come play for me all the time yeah?
Finally Set Sail came on and it was such a lively performance. They had people up dancing and the guy playing violin was just going crazy, such a good show to both watch and listen and their music was also a treat.
If you are into inidie pop music, check out each of these bands. You will not be disappointed. Also if you are in to Toowoomba area (QLD, Australia) during easter, TiGERTOWN will be playing at easterfest, so come check them out for yourself. You'll be sure to find me there.

[x] photo credit.
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