Favourite Things.

1. Photoshop CS5.
After 6 months of a media degree without photoshop, I finally was able to get CS5. It is like washing your clothes by hand and then getting a washing machine. It makes everything a breeze and I will never not have this program on my computer again.
2. Butter Chicken.
My go to take away dinner is currently butter chicken, rice and naan bread  from an indian place in town. To use the word amazing is definitely an understatement. The next thing I have to do is learn how to cook it myself.
3. Skyscraper by Demi Lovato.
I've been hearing this song on the radio for a while, always turning up and singing along when it came on. I can never say no to songs like this, gorgeous vocals teamed with a 'I am not who you say I am' message will get my vote every time. Can you imagine my surprise when on Monday, I found out it was by Demi Lovato?! Not that I disliked her, but I never really had a big desire to listen to her stuff. Until now.
4. New fonts.
Fonts and typography have got to be one of my favourite things about graphic design. Font face can make or break my opinion on a design and my biggest personal design rule has to do with type faces. Therefore, one of my favourite things this month has been finding awesome new fonts and then spending hours playing with them. My current favourites are Nova1 , Jersey Stories2 and Peach Sundress3.

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