Monday Moments | Surfers Paradise

Snapshots from a Monday morning a few weeks ago. Life is so different when you are 53 floors in the air and waking up to this view.

Pink Sugar @ Society6

Say hello to my newest little design over at my Society6. Pink Sugar comes in incredibly sweet, and incredibly pink prints, tote bags, throw pillows, iPhone cases and laptop skins. Pick up something sweet for your life/house/technology love today.
Stay Sweet,

Logo Lovin'

I love logos. I love looking at logos and I love designing logos. Complete brand identities also make me very very happy but thats for another time and another blog post. Today spent time updating my Society6 and much like when I clean a little part of my room and then end up going from top to bottom, I found myself with inspiration to update my online portfolio (and facebook page, and my tumblr about page. See my point?) So, without further ado, I would now like to introduce you to these babies. These logos are some of amazing jobs I have gotten to complete this year (and some are even a sneak peak of projects to come).

Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite logo of all time and maybe even which one of mine you like the most.
Stay creative,
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